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Top 10 most powerful SuperHeroes of all time
Even though the "IRON MAN" is a man inside a suit of armor. He has proven himself to be a formidable foe in many occasion. In the Avengers he proved that he could put up an incredible fight with Thor, Captain America, and Hulk.

Power: (No powers)
Skills: (genius, leadership, mental temperance, will to fight till the end)

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Captain America "The First avenger" is probably the coolest superhero ever created. As we all know Captain America was a military experiment to create super soldiers for World War 2. He helped the United Sates to win the war. and also in "Earth Mightiest Heroes" he had show that he is the key factor for victory against the alien invasion.

Power: ( superhuman strength, speed, reflex)
Skills: (extremely accurate (shield), military tactics)

The Incredible Hulk is the most fierce of all the superheroes created. His constant rage and anger make him the most feared of all. The Incredible Hulk can give a hard time to whoever he fights. No one really knows the limits of his Rage and power. In the "Avengers" he showed that he was the most powerful of all by defeating "Graviton".

Power: (transforming into green monster, incredible powerful)
Skills: (continuous rage and anger)


The Wolverine is the most famous hero in the X-Men world. He is the mutation of man and a wolf. and also due to an experiment he became an indestructible man. Even though he doesn't have any special powers, it's obvious that Wolverine deserve his place in the top 10 most powerful superheroes of all time.

Power: (incredibly sensitive sense of smell)
Skills: (hunter skills(hunted the hulk))

Some people may think that Flash can only run fast. But that's not true at all. flash is without saying one of the most powerful being in the entire universe. He runs and thinks at the speed of lights, he can also phase through matter, and even acquire knowledge at a super-accelerated rate.

Powers: (does everything at the speed of light)
Skills: (N/A)

The Green Lantern is test pilot by the name Hal Jordan who received a super-powered ring from an outer space alien. The power of the ring is only limited by the holder's imagination. The green lanterns are supposedly the guardians of the universe.

Power: (hold the most powerful weapon in the universe)
Skills: (Guardian of Green light)


Thor the thunder God is immortal indeed, but not invincible. He is fearless and also a formidable warrior. His hammer give him absolute power over space and time. Even though he took a beating from hulk in "planet hulk". But  we are still able to say that Thor is worthy of his place on that list.

Power: (power over thunder, space, and time)
Skills: (formidable warrior)


The man of steel, the Jesus Christ of DC comics, the savior of earth is just like those word describe him. This kryptonian kicks ass, he possess only one weakness. Superman could easily get the second spot in this list, but no one has ever known the extend of his powers, because he is always holding back no matter what.

Power: (laser eyes, inhumanly strong, see through vision)
Skills: (leadership skills)

What's with this guy? there is not much to say about him. the only thing we can say about him is that he is the closest thing to God. This guy right here has unlimited power, because he draws it directly from the cosmic energy. he can do pretty much everything imaginable, his only obstacle is that he is not aware of it.

Power: (Cosmic capabilities)
Skills: (N/A)


This being is so powerful that I pray him every night before i go to sleep. He is made up of pure energy, so he cannot be created nor destroy, he is omnipotent and omniscient. he possess all knowledge and wisdom in the universe. he can manipulate matter which means that there is no such thing as the word limits in his vocabulary. he can create and destroy tan entire universe just by thinking about it.

Power: (Godlike powers)
Skills: (anything imaginable) 


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  1. The Hulk not in your top 3? You sir are a fraud and charlatan....

    1. actually wolverines beat him before, superman has survive something equvilent to 9 supernovas and moved the planet .6 degrees from orbit(look that up and tell me hes not the strongest) and he may be strong and fast but he couldnt read the flashes movements

  2. Thor, Wolverine, Cap and Ironman all took a beat down his massive green hands. There is a series called Hulk vs. , the only way to make the hulk more powerful is if he were bitten by a radioactive Chuck Norris and grew a beard.

  3. You right but hulk cannot be in the top 3 most powerful. He just have raw power.

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  5. 1. Superman has 2 weaknesses, he gets his power from a yellow sun (as well as the kryptonite thing). Pretty limiting in a cosmic sense.
    2. No way is wolverine above hulk in power. Hulk should be higher.
    3. I do like your top choice, not many think of him because he's not Marvel/DC.

    1. Super man has three weaknesses the ones u listed and magic.

    2. Actually on #1... he can get energy from any young sun.. and energy gets stored in his body so it takes a while for the Power he has stored to diminish.

  6. acc to me IRONMAN is the most powerful as he is constantly evolving with extrimis and adamantium suit and all .......... Also able to control thor's hammer . HE is a genius so , can create a tech to transform HULK'S state back to human just as ultron did !!!!!!!!

    1. But he isn't cuz Dr Manhattan could just rearrange his suits particles and turn it into underwear so he would lose.

    2. Dude flash would also pwn iron man are u crazy flash is so fast he can rip holes in reality and toss ppl in them he can steal speed to the point where he could paralyze you he could use the infinite mass punch which would definitely kill tony cuz he's just a human not only that he can phase through matter he could phase his fast pass his mask and punch tony and kill him after stealing all of Tonya speed.

  7. this list is a joke. seriously. why is it everyone lists mainly marvel characters? spectre for example is right hand of god himself capable of altering reality on it's own. most golden age forgotten characters also were more powerful then modern and even most silver age characters. research lists before posting them.

  8. The Spectre is by far the most powerful.

  9. List is crap. Wolverine in the top 10 most powerful when he wields no power? Spectre is not a superhero so I see why he isn't listed. Thor, Supes, and SS top 3 any order.

  10. in the comics Wolverine has hyper regenerative abilities, extreme longivety and heightened senses, then after about 100 years he gets the adamantium skeleton which makes him nearly indestructible. you need to do your research

  11. This argument is pretty funny because its all fictional, and the powers of the superheros vary depending on which comic you read. I however do find it fun to debate ideas on this subject. "Who is the most powerful superhero?" So when I try and answer this question, I don't go by what may have happened in a specific comic book, I go by just my own logic, and what I have read about the powers of the various characters from the comic book world. I try to compair the powers as if it were a free for all, and I was trying to decide who would be the last one standing. So here goes.. sorry for the dragged out intro. :)
    #3 Franklin Richards .
    #2 the spectre
    #1 the Phoenix
    The only reason I have listed the Phoenix as #1 is because I have read that in the marvel world, all the mutants depend on the Phoenix force for their powers. The Phoenix is the force itself, in its purest form, and therefore cannot be topped.
    With that being said I am just assuming that what marvel says is what goes. So a superhero belonging to the dc comics, still exists in the same universe as the marvel characters. From what I've read, spectre is the most powerful dc character, but because of my rules (yes I know its kinda funny ).. he still gets his power from the Phoenix force and therefore must be just slightly less powerful than the Phoenix. My third choice, franklin Richards, possess the same powers as both spectre And Phoenix, but I'm assuming not to same degree as them. Again its all fiction.. hahaha.
    But based on what I've read, I don't think there is anyway you could argue that anyone on this top ten list could defeat my top 3. Intact Im pretty sure that all ten of them combined couldn't even pose a challenge to any of my top 3. Dr. Manhattan is a strong character, but from what I've seen is still very limited.

    1. Are u insane? Dr Manhattan is not limited at all except for he fact that he doesnt care but that has nothing to do with his power he can rearrange things at a sub atomic level so he would take one of ur heroes and turn them into a normal human he is immortal and can't have pain inflicted onto him he can rearrange himself in terms of density shape and color and he can't die like I just said so how would Phoenix beat him he would just turn their them from mutants to humans he could build structures inside of them and rip them apart he could freeze them by slowing down their molecules or set them on fire by speeding it up. Dr Manhattan in all honesty is probably the strongest superhero after people like the presence or one above all or living tribunal etc.

    2. Oh and I forgot to mention his weakness which trachyon and it barely affects him cuz all it does and can do is slow down his telepathy and pre cognitive ability so he can still kill without those.

  12. This Super Heroes top list thing is very fun to think about ...

    I agree too with Dr Manhattan as a perfect number one. Because he dont care.

    Whoever the number one was instead, the whole universe either cease to exist or completely belong to him ... Except if its Dr Manhattan. Hes not "Good", hes not "Bad", he just dont care about us. Which is completely logic.

    He is the only one who showed that crucial disinterest toward anything or anyone's fate. So only him can be the most powerful.

    See, if Galactus was the number one, there would be no universe anymore to be the most powerful of.

    And also, I would like to see The Ironman a little higher on the list simply because, as others said, he is constantly evolving. Tony Stark implement new ideas, new designs and therefore new powers over time where everyone else remain the same as Sons of Gods or Pure Muscles they can be.

  13. How about a Super Villains list, that would be interesting.

  14. Like wheres gohan and batman when goku was killed by cell wich is the most powerfull qnd evil villian of all time gohan stepped up and killed cell + gohans only half sayin and plus batmqn killed superman without kryptonite and if you did put batman on this list you should replace him with bathound plus wheres lion o and heman

  15. This list is a total joke first of all why isnt shera on this list shes the most powerful woman in the universe and has a shapeshifting sword plus she can heal herself in a nanosecond by touching herself by most far i am conscerned why blackvolt isnt on this list if he was standing behind dr.mannhattan then he could just whisper to destroy him and the whole planet haha yall got burnt speking of wich why isnt green arrow on this list hes got god killing arrows that can kill gods or do what ever he wants in battle including burn ironmans suit into lots of pieces then comes man e faces wich can have any face to have any powers along with proffesser x wich can erase ironmans memory so he would accidentely blow himself up with a button on his suit next comes general yoda wich can strangle your precious silversurfer til he dies

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    1. Thor is the strongest superhero in the universe. Superman, the Hulk, even Dr. Manhattan are on different tiers compared to him. Superhero Index says so

    2. Kal kent is more powerful then a exploding star i.e. supernova (These are the most powerful cosmic blasts known to science. So powerful, they actually rip a hole in the fabric of reality) faster then a tachyon ......think bout that he is faster then a particle.thats already even faster then the speed of light ......

    3. ALso power as in ability i think franklin richards is the most powerful anything he can think of he can make a reality he thinks u gone from reality your gone he wants your power he could have em.nothing could stop.him